Our set of values

This is important to us

We focus on a sustainable and value-preserving concept in our activities. As a company and also as a team, some values are particularly important to us. We have summarised these in our canon of values.

Our company

We offer real estate expertise from a single source

Holistic approach

For investors, we provide appropriate investment solutions if required and accompany their purchase and sales processes. We take care of property management, caretaker services and estate agent services, including renovation and refurbishment work. Our services cover the entire value chain in the real estate business. We offer asset management for real estate, financing, property management, facility management, brokerage services, winter services, refurbishment, renovation and maintenance for our existing properties. We attach great importance to the holistic management of our real estate portfolio.

Investing with responsibility

Sense of responsibility

We invest responsibly and are happy to advise our investors. With our many years of experience and routine in the management of real estate, we support our investors. We acquire properties with sustainable, long-term returns with little or no need for refurbishment or renovation. We act in a risk-adjusted manner and thus generate attractive and secure cash flows for investors.

We take into account the needs of our investors and offer them individual solutions.

Individuality and needs orientation

We offer individual solutions for our investors and take their needs into account. In doing so, we also take into account specific accounting, tax and regulatory requirements. We allow a high degree of co-determination in the investment policy. In this way, we find the optimal solution for each investor that generates sustainable cash flows and attractive returns at the same time.

We create long-term investment values in the heart of Germany.

Value creation and enhancement

Through investments in residential and commercial buildings, we generate long-term investment value in Central Germany. Our focus is to achieve an attractive increase in value for investors. This benefits not only the investor, but also the region.

We are deeply rooted in the region.

Our home: Central Germany

Our homeland is important to us. We invest in Central Germany with a special focus on the cities of Erfurt, Jena, Weimar, Gotha, Leipzig, Magdeburg, Halle, Nordhausen, Ilmenau and Gera. Due to our deep roots and close relationships in the region, we are designed to generate attractive returns for our investors in the heart of Germany. With every investment, our home region also benefits.

We support, sponsor, take equity stakes in companies and get involved in social causes.

Social engagement

Social commitment is important to us! We sponsor various regional sports teams, especially in the area of women’s sports, in order to support and promote the teams and their young talent. With the “Kinderfreuden” foundation, we are committed to helping children and young people in our home state of Thuringia. With various investments, we also enable start-ups to make a successful start in entrepreneurship. It is very important to us to give something back and to be committed to our home state and its people.


We are committed to the Treuenburg Group.


Our team identifies with the company. We are all proud to work for the Treuenburg Group. We stand behind the company, its values and principles. We are committed to achieving our goals as a team.

We respect each other and are tolerant.


It is particularly important for us to be tolerant and not to allow any prejudices towards other people. Of course, this applies in particular to the rental sector as well as to the hiring of new staff, and furthermore touches every aspect of our daily work. We are a tolerant and open-minded team and welcome everyone who shares our values. We feel diversity is an important part of our society and our corporate culture.

We treat each other with respect and stand up for each other as a team.

Team spirit

We see ourselves as a team and respect each other. Mutual respect for each other in the college is particularly important to us. We work together, support each other and function best as a team.

We forgive ourselves for mistakes when we learn from them.

Admit mistakes

Mistakes are there to be learned from. None of us is free of them and that is a good thing! It is important that we forgive each other for our mistakes and show tolerance for them. It is equally important that we learn from them and use them as an incentive to develop further.

We are getting better every day.

Ambition and progression

Our employees are full of ambition. Our team combines extensive expertise and years of professional experience, professionalism and a high level of commitment. We are open to change and innovation. Every day we strive to become even better. Further development is important to us. We do everything we can to improve our quality and performance every day – for the sake of our clients, investors and tenants.

We strive for transparency.


We strive for transparency in each of our business units. We make a point of informing our employees about the strategic and internal considerations of the management. Our real estate portfolio is available to everyone on our website. We are happy to provide more detailed information on our investment strategies upon request.