Social engagement


for sports, society, culture and environment

An essential part of our corporate culture is to make a contribution to society. We do this is through extensive sponsorship of various sports teams.
We currently support the following clubs:

Thüringer Handballclub

We have been sponsoring THC since 2020. The handball club is an outstanding club in the field of women’s sports and currently plays in the German 1st Bundesliga. We are pleased to support such talented and committed young ladies in their sporting passion.


SWE Volley-Team

The SWE Volley Team is also one of the clubs that we are happy to support as part of our activities. We have been sponsoring the talented volleyball players of the 1st Bundesliga women’s team “Schwarz-Weiß Erfurt” since 2018.


1. FFV Erfurt

FFV Erfurt joined the list of our sponsorship activities in 2020 as the third women’s sports team. Girls and women of all ages train and play football passionately at the club. As a premium partner of the first team, we are happy to support the ladies on their continued path to success.


We give joy to children!

In addition to sponsoring the named associations, we are also committed to helping children and young people through our “Kinderfreuden” foundation. As part of our commitment, we have therefore invested 3% of our corporate profits in our foundation every year since 2017. In addition to our deposits, “Kinderfreuden” is also fed by private-sector sponsoring and private donations. Our aid goes to clubs and associations whose explicit goal is to work with children and young people, especially in socially deprived areas. The opportunity for more participation and education is our priority.


environmental and climate protection

The protection of natural resources and the climate are a significant part of our commitment. Sustainability is not just a fine-sounding term, but a genuine maxim for action. With every tenth square metre of land we acquire, a tree is planted in Thuringia (Central Germany). Together with the Thuringian regional association of the “Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald” (SDW), the Treuenburg Group is initiating and financing the planting of 2,500 trees in 2021. More will follow in the coming years.


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David Didßun

David Didßun

Head of Marketing, Corporate Communications and Investor Relations