Donation saves Erfurt’s St Martin’s market

Donation saves Erfurt’s St Martin’s market

Donation saves Erfurt’s St Martin’s market

Erfurt, November 7th, 2023

Thanks to a generous donation from the Rotary Clubs of Erfurt and Erfurt-Krämerbrücke, the entrepreneurs Stephanie Klemm (REWE Klemm) and Detlef Goss (including GOSS Büro Möbel) as well as the TREUENBURG Group through its Kinderfreuden Foundation, the traditional Erfurt St. Martin’s Market can take place again this year . The Erfurt Evangelical Church District is taking over the organization of the event on November 10th under its own direction, after the city management association took on this task last year.

The joint donation of 3,000 euros will make it possible to cover the financing of the necessary security measures. Without this crucial support, the holding of the popular St. Martin’s Market this year would have been in jeopardy.

The church district’s call for help initially reached Torsten Pfeifer, the founder and owner of the TREUENBURG Group, via the CDU faction in the Erfurt city council. On Torsten Pfeifer’s initiative, we managed to get the organizations and companies involved on board within a short period of time. “I would like to express my thanks to the donors and at the same time hope that in the coming years we will be able to secure the implementation of the St. Martin’s Market through the city of Erfurt’s commitment,” said Michael Hose, chairman of the CDU city council group.

“For us, it is a matter of the heart to preserve the customs and cultural heritage of our city. Martini is a festival that warms the hearts of young and old in Erfurt and brings us together year after year. In times of change, it is traditions like the Martinsmarkt that connect us and remind us of the values that our community stands for,” explain Carsten Burbank (President of the Rotary Club of Erfurt), Thomas Sippel (President of the Rotary Club of Erfurt-Krämerbrücke), Stephanie Klemm (owner REWE Klemm), Detlef Goss (managing director and owner of the GOSSGRUPPE) and Matthias Barthel (CFO of the TREUENBURG Group) together.

The St. Martin’s Day celebration is an integral part of the calendar of many Erfurt residents and guests of the city. As darkness falls, thousands of children and families head to Cathedral Square with their lanterns to celebrate Martini. Between the early service and the evening, ecumenical St. Martin’s Day celebration, visitors can discover the traditional offerings of the St. Martin’s Market. From St. Martin’s croissants, which are reminiscent of the bread from Martin Luther’s time, to mulled wine and bratwurst, to child-friendly entertainment, the market offers a diverse program that is closely related to St. Martin’s Day.

The Rotary Clubs Erfurt/Erfurt-Krämerbrücke, Stephanie Klemm, Detlef Goss, the TREUENBURG Group and the CDU parliamentary group in the Erfurt city council wish all Erfurt residents and guests a peaceful St. Martin’s Day.


01 – Dominik Kordon (CDU-Stadtratsfraktion Erfurt), Stephanie Klemm (REWE Klemm), Matthias Barthel (TREUENBURG Group), Dr. Matthias Rein, Dr. Ulrich Born (Evang. Kirchenkreis Erfurt), Thomas Sippel (Rotary Club Erfurt-Krämerbrücke), Detlef Goss (GOSSGRUPPE)


02 – Dominik Kordon (CDU-Stadtratsfraktion Erfurt), Stephanie Klemm (REWE Klemm), Dr. Ulrich Born, Dr. Matthias Rein (Evang. Kirchenkreis Erfurt), Matthias Barthel (TREUENBURG Group), Thomas Sippel (Rotary Club Erfurt-Krämerbrücke), Detlef Goss (GOSSGRUPPE)